Factory Location

Gangyal, Jammu


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Hadfield Manganese Steel

Jaw plates, Rollers, Liners, Breaker plates, Hammers, Beaters, JCB teeth, JCB Bucket plate, Chain links for dozers, etc.

Chrome Steel

Grinding media, Hearth plates, cutting tools.

Heat Resistant Steel

Furnace liners, etc.

Stainless Steel

Acidic and chemical containers
Underwater ship parts, etc.

Spare parts

For Defense ( bridges, tunnels) ,Water plants,
Thermal plants and other industrial plants.

About Company

The Iron and Steel industry is without doubt one of the most important foundations of any industrial economy.

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Market Demand

Stone crusher plants: 14.0%

Ingot units: 14.0%

Cement factories: 45.0%

Defense: 24.0%