Factory Location

Gangyal, Jammu


+91 7889480893

Green Trek Research & Development Pvt Ltd focuses on Green Technology to develop and manufacture its products. It’s main focus area is into Waste Management & Green Technology.

It’s core area is the Research & Development of Reycling different types of Steel Waste such as Ores,Oxides and Metallic Scrap. The process does not need any electric power and hence can be used in places where the power availability is Nil or Scarce. It has a very strong impact on Environment as it’s process does not create Pollution.

What makes us unique?

From this waste, and through the use of its process, pure molten metal having an iron content of Fe 99%+ is obtained. It is then alloyed make various types of high value steel & alloy castings. Green Trek’s trade and scope of impact is not limited to national borders but also globally.

The foundation of the company’s business model is built on resource efficiency and reclamation of valuable minerals and materials and the restoration of the processing sites to a state of habitat, transforming them from Industrial landfills to ‘Green Space’.